School Age: Kindergarten - 7th Grade After-School Program


Kindergarten-12 years After-School Program


Our School Age program is everything a parent can ask for in an after-school program plus much, much more!  With busing to and from school to many of the surrounding schools, we make it as easy as we can to provide your student with a comfortable environment.


We incorporate homework time, fitness opportunities, Art activities and social interaction between students so the classroom will never be dull and boring.  Our Fun N Fit School Age program is a wonderful program built with the older student in mind.


Fitness, Friendships & Fun


Our School Age program focuses on the after-care that is required for 7-12 year old students.  We offer an afternoon snack, homework help, and a relaxed environment for any student to unwind after a long day at school.

Both teachers in this room are fun, adventurous and are, overall, a great influence to your children.


How We Achieve It


Our surrounding schools work with us as a daycare to provide transportation to and from school.  While some offer the opportunity for them to get dropped off at our location, others help us to organize a drop-off/pick-up routine in one of our two Fun N Fit buses.


Once we arrive at Fun N Fit, we provide healthy snacks and homework time before any playtime/interaction is allowed.  With two teachers in the School Age classroom, both are available to assist with any extra educational help needed.


Other than educational assistance, we also offer Gymnastics and Swimming once a week for an hour each day.  An experienced instructor offers a well-planned class for the students to learn skills they might not be able to acquire in most other after-school programs.


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