Toddler Room


Your baby’s first year of life is an amazing time, filled with discovery and enormous growth. The impact this first year has on his future is tremendous and we strive only for the best.

Your toddler is now growing at a rapid pace and experiencing his independence in new ways every day.  It is exciting, rewarding and challenging to watch.  We recognize at this stage, children may be at different developmental levels, needing focus on different milestones and goals.

The Toddler Program at Fun N Fit is specially designed to accommodate the needs of your child, no matter where he is in his development.


Exploring New Surroundings


The first years of a child’s life are a critical time in determining their future success in school, relationships, and life.  As your child begins to explore their new self-confidence and assertiveness, we are with her every step of the way.

The Fun N Fit Academy focuses on healthy and active exploration as well as hands-on learning activities to help gain independence while promoting confidence in her learning abilities.


How We Achieve It


Toddlers are at the in-between stage – no longer an infant, but not yet a preschooler.  Toddlers go on a set, daily classroom schedule alternating small-motor and large-motor activities.  They are given chances to participate in group circle times and story times.  Weather permitting, they spend time outside each day where they are able to run, ride push toys, and participate in sensory activities.  Toddlers are encouraged to be independent by feeding themselves with spoons and sippy cups.  They come together at mealtime and sit at the table with chairs to encourage social interaction and proper table manners.

Some of our highlighted activities include:

• Basic self-help skills worked into the day (i.e. washing hands, cleaning up, putting on clothes, etc.)

• Daily group times to encourage learning of shapes, colors, songs and stories

• Beginning Math and Science exposure with the help of manipulative toys and puzzles

• Enriched learning centers including art, dramatic play, sensory, and literature

• Large-motor development through gym time and outside play.


You will receive a daily log of your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering (toilet training) and learning activities.  Teachers also perform assessments twice a year using developmental checklists.



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